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Miranda Cosgrove’s revealing naked pictures

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Well, for one thing it wouldn’t come as a surprise to me when we get to hear scandals involving some of Hollywood’s well-loved celebrities but admittedly when the news of Miley Cyrusself-shooting pictures came out in public everyone was shocked to see how someone as young and wholesome as Miley could be so careless in having those private photos leak out and now she’s been branded a “slut”… and now rumors are starting to circulate that iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove has been rumored to have her own naked pictures as well and now somebody had spilled the beans and it is now starting to circulate in and around cyberspace!

Now this is truly somewhat surprising and who would have thought that this teen star who had maintained a wholesome image all throughout her career had finally gave in and now even she had to go through this kind of scandal that I’m sure you guys would like to find out… so if you’re curious to see those elusive photos, then check out Miranda Cosgrove Naked today and see Carly “in the flesh!”